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Romania on edge as Russia invades Ukraine

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Romania pledged “unconditional political support” for Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion and has provided Ukraine with cybersecurity backing. Since then, young Romanians in the group – called War Room – have been discussing possible scenarios that could even engulf their country.

“How likely is it that they would invade Romania as well?” asked one in the group.

Romanian foreign policy analyst Oana Popescu-Zamfir told Al Jazeera that while a direct military conflict between Russia and Romania is unlikely, political, economic and social repercussions of the Ukraine invasion are “palpable”.

Ukrainians seek asylum in Romania

Besides the economic effect, Romania has also received more than 10,000 Ukrainian asylum seekers at their northern and eastern borders since the Russian invasion.

Earlier this week, Defence Minister Dincu said Romania was capable of taking in half a million refugees.


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