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AcasăAir ConnectRomanian start-up Air Connect to launch flights from 6 Romanian airports to...

Romanian start-up Air Connect to launch flights from 6 Romanian airports to Bucharest and foreign destinations


Air Connect officially announced on 14 January 2022 its plans for its first year of operation. The Romanian company, established at the end of 2021, would start operations in May 2022. Air Connect’s plans include operating regular flights from “underserved” airports in Romania to Bucharest and overseas destinations with an ATR 72-600 aircraft.

The airports to which Air Connect officials referred in the press conference held on Friday in Bucharest are Târgu Mureș, Sibiu, Oradea, Arad, Baia Mare and Craiova. In addition to flights to the capital, some of these airports will be connected by air routes and to cities such as Munich, Vienna, Varna, Istanbul and Tirana.

Air Connect will also operate in the summer season and charter flights from the country’s regional airports to holiday destinations in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Malta and Ukraine.

Air Connect does not yet have an airline operating certificate.

Source: boardingpass.ro

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