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Romanians from Humans.ai extend business in Asia through listing on number one crypto-exchange in Japan

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Romanian blockchain start-up and artificial intelligence Humans.ai announce their listing on Liquid, the number one crypto-currency exchange in Japan, thus continuing its expansion on the East Asian market.

According to a press release sent by the company to AGERPRES on Friday, Liquid is one of the most reliable exchanges with a AA rating, given by CryptoCompare.

„As part of the Humans.ai development plans in Asia, the company has recently signed a partnership with the Asian group Next Chymia Consulting, one of the company’s main investors and a well-known investment fund that supports start-ups and companies the goal of which is to revolutionize the markets in the region with the help of blockchain technology. Humans.ai developed a platform dedicated to creating and governing AI, with emphasis on synthetic media.

This library of instruments of AI is available in a suite type creation studio, where users and companies can choose and select their AI models they need as they bring their ideas to life. Furthermore, the Humans.ai team creates and manages digital genomes, which incorporate elements such as voice, image and human gestures, in order to develop synthetic, digital actors. The company continues to invest in developing innovations from behind the Humans.ai ecosystem and allows innovators to publish and monetize their AI technology for large scale adoption,” the quoted source specifies.



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