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Get a private tour of Bucharest with filmmaker Radu Jude in his new short Self-Portrait

An international television crew had been due to travel to Romania and interview the filmmaker but, as the borders closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Jude made the video, entitled Self-Portrait, by himself instead.

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Romanian director Radu Jude has published a short video on his career and vision as an artist, filmed on his mobile phone during the coronavirus lockdown in Romania.

Rather than answering questions on how he started his career, or what interests him in film, Jude combines rough mobile footage of Bucharest streets with political observations and more abstract reflections. The result is that, for a few minutes, we get a private tour of Bucharest with Jude, enriched by his historical and political insights.

“When I saw the questions [from the interviewers], I realised that I could not answer them. So, as I walked to a medical check-up, I filmed the street with my mobile phone, trying to see if what was around me could offer me some support for my answers at least obliquely, if not directly,” Jude told The Calvert Journal. “It’s not a pretentious film but I liked doing it.”


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